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More and more people are shopping online and using fast delivery services. However, the process requires a proper way to manage the deliveries. That is why it is important to create Delivery Receipts.

Businesses rely on delivery receipts to get proof of delivery. Therefore, it is important to generate a delivery receipt template for all future deliveries fulfilled by the company.

What is a Delivery Receipt?

A delivery receipt is a document that is to be signed by the receiver while accepting the delivery. Delivery receipts are a traditional part of each transaction as it gives a delivery proof for each transaction. Delivery receipts can be created for different types of tangible goods that can be delivered physically. 

The most common delivery receipts are shared by the online shopping platforms that let you order and receive your essentials right at your door.

Generating a delivery receipt is easier with some customizable templates. It is important to mention the complete address of a business on delivery receipts. All you need is to edit the template by clicking on the Get Form Button.

What Are the Important Elements in Delivery Receipt?

Here are some of the important elements of a delivery receipt.

Item Details: A delivery report must mention the details of each item of the delivery. Here you can find the name of the product, its description, and quantity. The receiver can verify if all the products are there, by referring to this section of the receipt.

Sender’s Details: The sender’s details include the information of the person who has dispatched that delivery. These details help the receiving party to ensure they received the right delivery.

Receiver’s Details: It is important to mention the details of the receiving party. It also helps the package to reach the right address. 

Acknowledgment: The last section includes the acknowledgment that the person has received the delivery. After that, they need to sign the delivery receipt to complete the delivery.

How to Write a Delivery Receipt?

Follow these steps to write a delivery receipt online.

Step1- Choose a Template

The first step is to choose a delivery receipt template from this page. Usually, the templates offer all the sections that we mentioned earlier. However, you can edit the template and add some more sections, according to your requirements.

Step2- Enter the Information

Now you can enter the details that we discussed before. It includes the item details, the Receiver’s information, Sender’s information, and the acknowledgment statement for the delivery.

Tip: You can edit the business name and logo part to personalize the receipt for your business.

Step3- Create Copies Of the Delivery Receipt

Make sure you get enough copies of a delivery receipt to avoid future problems. A business requires at least 3 delivery reports including copies for Bookkeeping, delivery service, and the final customer.


Delivery Receipts helps in verifying the delivered item for the customers. On the other hand, it protects the seller and the delivery services from future problems by issuing proof of delivery. Therefore, it is crucial for all the involved parties in the delivery process.

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