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Sales receipts are a standard business tool utilized by vendors every day. However, while filling out a sales receipt is very simple, creating a suitable template can be very important for your business.

Appropriately crafted sales receipts provide a professional flair to a business. Fortunately, you don’t need a professional to create your own sales receipt template. You can download a sales receipt template for free online.

What Information Does a Sales Receipt Include?

A sales receipt should include information that fulfills its purpose, such as:

Receipt Number

A receipt number (also written as reference number) is used for reference and record keeping purposes. This number can also be used in correspondence directed towards the sale.


Providing the right date is important as this can be used later to claim any warranties for the items listed in the sales receipt.

Vendor Information

Provide the name, phone number, and address of the vendor. The name should be the official business name that has received the payment for the sale.

Buyer Information

Provide the name, address, and phone number of the individual purchasing the goods. In case the individual is a representative or an organization, the receipt should include the organization name too.

List of Items

List all the items that are involved in the sale. Each item should have separate columns for item quantity, price per unit, and total price for all the units.


Add the total price of every item to create a subtotal for the bill. Mention any discounts and taxes applicable on this subtotal. After this, calculate a total amount payable by the consumer. Mention this ‘total amount payable’ in bold letters.

Mode of Payment

It is recommended to mention the method through which the payment for the sale has been made, such as cash, check, or credit card. Some receipts also contain a separate line for the last few digits of the card number or check number.

Reasons to Use a Sales Receipt Template

Sales receipts are an indispensable tool for the retailers and for the benefit of the buyer as well. Some of the reasons that make sales receipts so important are:

Proof of Purchase

Sales receipts are an official proof that a person has purchased the particular listed item from the vendor. In case something goes wrong with the product and there is a conflict between the vendor and the buyer, a sales receipt can be useful evidence.

Warranties and Guarantees

Sales receipts are required when a user wants to claim any time-limited warranty or guarantee on a product. The time of the said warranty is usually calculated from the date mentioned in the sales receipt.

Customer Service

Sales receipts list the contact number and address of the vendor. The customer can use this to contact the vendor in case of a query about the products.


A sales receipt keeps a track of the per unit amount of an item. If a buyer wants to reorder their item again, they can check the sales receipt for the product details.


A sales receipt is required in case any refunds are eligible on the product. The entity providing the refund will verify the sales receipt before the said refund is released.

How to Create a Sales Receipt?

A sales receipt can reflect the professionalism followed by a business. A sales receipt should be well-crafted, including all the relevant details without looking shabby. For this purpose, vendors use a sales receipt template that provides all they need to create a sales receipt.

To create a sales receipt through this method, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the sales receipt template

Download the sales receipt template in Word or PDF format. The PDF format is good for directly printing out the receipt, while the Word format can be edited for modifications in any document editor.

Step 2: Make any required modifications

A major benefit of a sales receipt template is the degree of modification it allows. Make any necessary edits you require in the template, such as adding a company logo and a letterhead to the receipt.

Step 3: Fill in the Sales Details

Print out the sales receipt once the edits have been completed. Every time you make a sale, you can add the details of the sale in this sales receipt. You can also enter the details with a document editor or a PDF editor and print out the created receipt after that.


A sales receipt will help you in creating a better relationship with your customer and an easier record keeping environment for yourself. Download the professional sales receipt template to save yourself the trouble of hiring a professional for the purpose.

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